Enabling the G Suite LTI within Canvas


The Google LTI App allows for easier integration of Google Drive in Canvas. Google Drive is added to the course navigation links and Canvas has access to Drive content from various course tools and location. 

The following information will be required when installing the LTI:

Configuration URL:  https://google-drive-lti-iad-prod.instructure.com/config.xml
Google LTI Key: d2b43893-54bf-4ad0-bf7a-644db153d4ad
Google LTI Secret: h2xSLLngJyGUrQEZjQeOEylRxrnfz7PrnK00ay_RC3hkTU4

Step 1 — Adding the App

You will first need to "install" the LTI application into your individual Canvas course section.  This does not install anything onto your personal device, instead links your Canvas course with G Suite.

  1. Log on to Canvas and enter your course
  2. Click the Settings link in the course navigation menu (left-hand side of the screen)
  3. Click the Apps tab
  4. Click the View App Configurations button
  5. Click the +Add App button
  6. Select By URL from the Configuration Type drop-down list
  7. Enter Google Drive in the Name textbox
  8. Copy and paste the following from above:
    • Google LTI Key
    • Google LTI Secret
    • Google Configuration URL
  9. Click the Submit button

Step 2 — Authorizing the App


Canvas requires all LTI applications to be authorized.  This step is required for the LTI to function.

  1. Click the Home link in the course navigation menu to refresh your browser.  The Google Drive link should now be visible
  2. Click the Google Drive link
  3. Click the Authorize button and authenticate using your Rider Google credentials


Additional Notes:

  • The Google Drive content displayed via the Google Drive link is only visible to the instructor/owner of the Drive account.  Students cannot see the contents of your Google Drive.
  • You will need to repeat these steps to add the Google LTI to each of your individual courses
  • The Google Drive link can be hidden/disabled – Settings->Navigation->Disable Google Drive
  • Check out the Canvas Guides for additional features when using the Google LTI.


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