Using Zoom for Student Presentations

It’s presentation time!  In order to successfully record & share your presentation with your group using Zoom, you’ll need to make sure to do the following:

Quick Start Guide Summary

  1. Schedule a meeting in Zoom.  Be sure to share the meeting link with all group members who will need to be a part of the presentation recording.
  2. Open any files that need to be included in the recording BEFORE starting the meeting.
  3. Start meeting on the agreed upon date and time.
  4. Share your screen to display presentation files that should be included in the recording. If you would like your “talking head” image to be included along with the shared files in the recording, please be sure to choose the Share Screen with Active Speaker layout.
  5. Use the Record button to start and stop the recording as needed during the presentation.
  6. Once your presentation is complete you should stop the recording, leave and end the meeting.
  7. Meeting recordings are not immediately available due to required processing time.  Zoom will notify the host via email once the recording is available for playback and sharing.


Getting Started:

Please setup your Rider University Zoom account by logging on to using your Rider Key.  This will register you for Rider’s site license of Zoom. 

If you haven’t already, you will need to download the Zoom client at  The client is available for both Windows and macOS and has mobile apps for your phone or tablet


Step 1: Launch Zoom and Schedule Meeting

After downloading and installing the Zoom client, launch it.  You can then click on the “Schedule” button [1].   Name your meeting in the “Topic” field [2].    Whenever setting up meetings in Zoom, allow the audio options to be “Telephone and Computer Audio” [3] as this will let someone join via dial-in or using the application. 

Finally, select “Other Calendars” [4] so you can easily copy & paste the details.  Note: you can choose iCal or Google Calendar however you will need to link your calendar service separately.  Finally, click on “Schedule” [5] and copy-paste the information.

After you click the “Schedule” button, you will have a new window with the Zoom meeting details.  Click “Copy to Clipboard” which will automatically select all the text and copy it.  You may then paste it into a message to your group members.

Zoom includes a lot of details since users can join via web, phone, digital conference room, and international dial-ins.  As a minimum, keep the following details:

  • “Join Zoom Meeting” URL
  •  “One tap mobile” phone number
  • “Dial by your location” phone number & Meeting ID

Steps 2 & 3: Open Files and Start Meeting

Before you begin your meeting, please open all files that will be shared during the presentation.

Begin your Zoom meeting by starting it within the Zoom client, or by clicking on the URL you sent to your group members.  The following options are available for use via the toolbar located at the bottom of your Zoom session window:

[7] Mute and Unmute yourself
[8] Start and Stop Video
[9] Meeting Security Settings (turn on/off waiting room, lock meeting, etc.)
[10] Open up Meeting Participants (where you can mute, unmute, invite new participants, or remove users). 
[11] Chat Users
[12] Share your Desktop, Open a Whiteboard, or even your iPhone Screen
[13] Poll Meeting Participants
[14] Record the session to the cloud or your desktop
[15] Move participants into individual “Breakout Rooms” (especially helpful if you need a quick 1on1 with a student)
[16] On-Screen Reactions
[17] Additional Meeting Controls
[18] Leave the Meeting / End Meeting for all Participants

Note: if any of these options are not available, check your user settings or contact

Step 4: Share Screen

Click the “Share Screen” button located in your meeting controls. Select either your screen [19], another “desktop” or external monitor [20], an individual application that is already open on your computer [23], a whiteboard [21] or an iPhone/iPad [22]. Then, click Share [26].

Once you start sharing the screen the meeting controls will move into a menu that you can drag around your screen.  In some cases, users may want to share computer sound (the audio that comes through your speakers) or play a video from a website (like YouTube).  In those cases, you may select the appropriate options [24] and/or [25].  When ready, select the blue Share button [26].

Step 5: Recording

Click the “Record” button in the meeting control menu. Select “Record to the Cloud” [27] to begin recording. To stop recording, click Pause [28] or Stop [29] Recording or End Meeting [18]. Zoom will send an email to the host’s email address when the processing of the recording is complete.

Step 6: Viewing & Sharing Recording

Log in to Zoom by navigating to and click the My Recordings tab. Locate the meeting topic and click Share in the last column. Click Copy to Clipboard.  You can share the recording in Canvas by pasting the link into a Discussion forum post, an assignment submission or an Inbox message.

For more help, visit the Zoom Support Center at


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