Turnitin "date_start" Error [Known Issue]


When copying Canvas materials from a previous term or section, users may receive an error stating:

Sorry, we could not process your request.  Turnitin assignment could not be created.  date_start - start date must be after start date

Unfortunately, this is a known issue outside Rider or Canvas' control (Turnitin needs to fix the underlying problem).  In the meantime, please follow the steps outlined below to resolve the error.

Temporary Solution

Open the Canvas assignment and click on the "Edit Assignment Settings" button [1]

Turnitin error screenshot

You must then remove all dates listed for the assignment including the due date [2], available from [3], & available until [4].

Canvas date screenshot

Save your changes at the bottom the page.  You should then see the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.  From there, click on the Turnitin "Settings" button [5].

Turnitin assignment screenshot

You can now change the previous Turnitin Start Date [6], Due Date [7], and Release Date [8].  If the instructor wishes to allow for late submissions, they must also allow for this within Turnitin.  Select Optional Settings [9] and then check "Allow late submissions" [10].

Turnitin settings screenshot


Finally, you can then edit the original Canvas assignment settings to set your Canvas-level Available From / Available To dates (optional, if desired).  If you continue to expereince an error, please submit a Helpdesk ticket.



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