Wired Data Connection in Residence Halls

All student rooms are equipment with wired ethernet ports. Wired connections provide a faster and more stable network connection than WiFi, and use of the wired ports in your room is recommended for activities such as Zoom video conferencing, streaming media and gaming consoles.

To use the wired connection, you will need an ethernet cable.

Ethernet cables are available at no cost from the Rider Student Government Association, please contact the Help Desk for more information. (Note: Some smaller/newer computers do not have ethernet ports. In this case, you may also need a USB adapter. Please contact the Help Desk for more information.

Once you have a cable, plug one end into your laptop or computer, and the other into one of the network ports in your room.  Network ports are indicated by a red icon (do not plug into the blue port)

Next, open a web browser such as Safari or Chrome, and navigate to http://netreg.rider.edu  

Log in with your Rider Key username and password to register your computer, and reboot your computer when prompted.

Some rooms are equipped with an Aruba WiFi device. These units provide the “nowires” WiFi network for you and your neighbors*, but also have wired ethernet connections on the bottom.

If your room has an Aruba unit, plug your cable into any of the ports on the bottom except for the black port (on the left) and follow the instructions above. * If your room does have an Aruba unit, try to ensure that the unit is not blocked by furniture, pillows etc. This will help provide better WiFi service





Need additional information or assistance? Create a ticket here.

Rider University OIT Help Desk                

(609) 219-3000   |   helpdesk@rider.edu   | www.rider.edu/helpdesk






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