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Overview - Kaltura is replacing Illumira

In the coming weeks, Rider will be implementing Kaltura, a industry leading video management system to replace our current platform, Illumira (previously known as NJVID).  Kaltura was selected after an extensive RFP process which included input from over 30 faculty members across all colleges at the University, in addition to the greater campus community.

In addition to increased stability and a seamless integration within Canvas, we cannot wait for the Rider community to levage the advanced tools Kaltura has to offer; among them:

  • General Features
    • Unlimited video storage space
    • Compatibility with all major web browsers & mobile devices (including the Canvas app)
    • Automatic captions & transcripts utilizing artificial intelligence with better accuracy compared to YouTube.
  • Enhanced eLearning Features
    • New software to record lectures directly from your computer (without a watermark, like when using Screencast-o-matic)
    • Student discussion video responses & commenting
    • Interactive video quizzes (that connects to the Canvas Gradebook)
  • Other Campus Features
    • “YouTube like” pages on Rider Mediaspace
    • Enhanced Live Streaming of campus events

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my old content?

Any content previously uploaded to Ilumira will be automatically migrated to Kaltura by Media Services.  Shared collections (i.e. within Westminster Choir College) will also be transitioned with the appropriate sharing permissions.  Content from the Moore and Talbott libraries will also be migrated.


Do I need to re-record my old lectures?

No, your previously uploaded content will still be available in Kaltura and fully functional.  However, some of the advanced features within Kaltura (such as ) are only available when content was originally recorded with the Kaltura Personal Capture tool.


How do I sign up for training?

Faculty training will be offered through the Teaching & Learning Center.  Check back soon for a link to the registration page.


Why did Rider choose Kaltura?

Rider began the RFP process to replace Illumira during the Spring 2020.  After starting with an initial list of six platforms, Rider invited 3 vendors to present to over 30 faculty members and various other staff from the Rider community.  Kaltura was chosen based on the available feature set, the deep integration with Canvas, other higher education references, and feedback from faculty during the presentations.


When is this change taking place?

Faculty will have access to Kaltura in late December, at which point Kaltura will also be integrated into Canvas.  While content will still be accessible in Illumira throughout early 2021, however it will not be possible to upload new content into Illumira once Kaltura is live.


What about the content provided by the Moore or Talbott Libraries?

Content from the Moore and Talbott libraries will also be migrated.  The same process for requesting library content will continue.  If you wish to utilize content from the library, please complete the Streaming Media Request Form.


How do I embed Kaltura content in my Canvas course?

Check out this KB article -- Coming Soon


How do I upload new content into Kaltura?

Check out this KB article -- Coming Soon


Will videos work outside of Canvas?

Video and audio content used within Canvas will be stored within our new Kaltura integration.  It is also possible to access and manage your personal content in Mediaspace.Rider.edu.


What users at Rider are allowed to use Kaltura?

Initially Faculty and Staff.  Once the implementation is complete, Students will be allowed to use Kaltura.


Does Kaltura allow for closed captioning?

All content uploaded into Kaltura is automatically captioned using a machine-based algorithm at 80% accuracy.  This same process allows users to download transcripts of their videos.  Professional quality captioning will also be available to meet accessibility needs.


What types of services are offered to students?

At this time, priority is for faculty in order to support classes.  In the near future, students will be allowed to access to Kaltura Mediaspace platform.


Does Kaltura support other media formats besides video?

Kaltura supports video, audio, and image files.


What’s the difference between Kaltura and Zoom Video Recording?

Zoom Video Recording allows users to record their meetings to the Zoom Cloud or locally to their own device.  Kaltura allows users to upload their own content, utilize Library-owned content in Canvas Courses, capture lectures, and more.  Note that in the near future, your Zoom recordings will automatically be added to Kaltura “my media”.


I've uploaded my files to “My Media”.  Can I delete the originals off my computer?

Kaltura is a system used for file distribution and is not intended to be an archive. It is always best to keep your original files on your computer and back them up periodically to an external drive or to your Google Drive.


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