Get email notifications from voicemail

Voicemail to Email.


By default, voicemail to email is turned off. 

In order to turn this feature on, visit the Mitel User Portal (


Use Your RiderKey username. Your default password is BRONCIDMMDD

( MMDD = is the month and day of your birth date)



After logging in, click on My Profile near the top-right corner of the screen.



On the details tab, locate the email address field.


Change the “” address to your proper email address, and click Save


You will now receive email messages whenever someone leaves you voicemail message.

To turn this feature off, return to this page and insert "" in the address field as shown above.


If you would like to have email notifications from a general or departmental voice mailbox, please submit a helpdesk ticket and include the mailbox number and email address..


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