Telephone project updates

Deployment Plan

New telephone sets will begin to be placed on office desks shortly after Thanksgiving.

Initially, the new phones will be placed next to your existing phone.

The new phones will not be activated until December 18th. After that date, OIT staff will then return to each office space to retrieve the old telephone devices.


Live Online training is available to all University staff. This training will include how to use your new telephone and set up your voicemail,


12/14/2020 - Placing phones in Science and SWG Hall today


12/14/2020 - New articles have been posted in the Knowledgebase


12/13/2020 - You can get email notifications when you receive voice mail messages


12/11/2020 - The presentation and documents from the training sessions are now available


12/10/2020 - Placing telephones in West House, GSB and Centennial House


12/9/2020 - You can now set up your new voicemail box before the system goes live


12/9/2020 - Placing telephones in the SRC, Daly's and Annex

12/8/2020 - Complete Ciambelli Hall and begin placing telephone sets in Moore Library

12/7/2020 - Continue working in BLC and begin placing telephone sets in Ciambelli Hall

12/4/2020 - Begun placing telephones in BLC

12/2/2020 - OIT Staff have begun to place telephone sets in Fine Arts





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