Set up your new voicemail box remotely

When the new telephone system is launched on December 18th, you will have a new voicemail box that you'll need to set up.

All employees are encouraged to set up their new voicemail boxes and general/department boxes prior to December 18th

This can be done from your new telephone set, or you can do it remotely prior to the cutover.
Follow the steps below to set your voicemail pin and create a greeting.


Dial (609) 219-4000    (see *** below)

Enter your mailbox number followed by * when prompted
Enter 1111 when prompted for your passcode (do NOT hit #)

The system will launch a tutorial to help you set up your new mailbox. Follow the instructions when prompted.

If you are not immediately put into the setup tutorial, press 8 for user options, and then 8 again to start the tutorial





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