Using Kaltura Express Capture in Canvas


Kaltura makes it incredibly simple to record a video (or audio) post to a Discussion Board or Assignment.  In fact, anywhere the Rich Content Editor appears you can record video and/or audio content right within Canvas.

Recording the Media

To begin, look for the Kaltura icon in the RCE toolbar [1]Kaltura icon


Kaltura button in the RCE

When the Embed Kaltura Media dialog box appears, select + Add New [2] and then choose Express Capture [3].

Choose Add New button followed by Express Capture option

Once you select Express Capture, the media recording box will appear.  To begin recording, select the Red Circle button [4].  You can also change your video & audio sources by selecting the Gearbox icon in the top-right hand corner [5].  To end recording, click on the the Square button again [4].

Click the red button to record or the gearbox to change settings

Once you are satisfied with your recording, select Use This [5].  You can also download the video as an MP4 to your device by selecting Download a Copy [6], or overwrite / re-record you video by choosing Record Again [7].

Select the Use This button to save video


Embedding Media into Discussion Board or Assignment

Once you select the Use This button [5], your video will finish uploading you will be brought to the Record Media screen.  Here, you can edit the video's title (recommended to ensure you can find the video later) [8].  Additional optional settings can also be setup, such as entering a video description and tags.  Finally, choose Save and Embed button [9] to embed your video into the RCE content (i.e a Canvas discussion board or assignment). 

Kalture record media screen where you can set a file name and then embed the video

Once you clicked on the Save and Embed button [9], you will be brought back to the Canvas discussion board.  Here, you will see a preview of your new media [10].  You can also add additional content to your posting (if required by your instructor).  Finally, select the Post Reply button [11] to submit your post.

Canvas discussion board with content posted


Other Considerations

Depending on your security settings, you may be prompted to Allow Access to your device's webcam and/or microphone when recording.  Please see the below help docs for instructions using your browser:

For more information on using Kaltura Express Capture, please visit Kaltura's Knowledge Base website.


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