General and Departmental Mailbox Setup

General Mailboxes are those that are not assigned to specific person. They are typically associated with the main number for a department, college or program.

These numbers may or may not ring on multiple phone sets, but the General mailbox must be set up just like personal mailboxes.

General mailboxes are assigned to these main numbers, but the mailbox number itself is different from the actual phone number/extension

In Rider's system, General mailboxes are aligned with the extension but differentiated by the 1st digit being a 6 (instead of a 5, 7 or 8).

For Example. The OIT department extension is 5196. The mailbox for that extension is 6196.

The mailbox number is only used for retrieving voice messages. Callers will still call the original number/extension ( 5196 in the example above)

Below is a list of General Mailboxes in the Rider system

Instructions for setting up General Mailboxes (includes a list of mailboxes) from your desk are located here, or you can set it up remotely

Voicemail Access Numbers

Date Old (Nortel) Voice Mail New (Mitel) Voice Mail
Before 12/18/2020 (609)-219-4000 (609)-718-0130
After 12/18/2020 (609)-219-2222 (609)-219-4000

If you would like to have email notifications from a general voice mailbox, please submit a helpdesk ticket and include the mailbox number and email address..


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