Telephone options for working from home

The new university telephone system offers several features that are particularly useful to employees while working remotely during the Pandemic.

  • Voicemail to email 
    When someone leaves a voice message, you can receive an email notification. This email includes a link to access the message

  • Phone “twinning”
    When someone calls your extension/number, you can have your home or cell phone ring simultaneously and answer the call.

  • Mitel User Portal
    Web client for setting up options such as phone twinning, voicemail to email, and programming telephone set keys remotely.

    The following features will be made available to the Rider community after the new year
  • Bring your phone home
    Since the new Voice over IP (VOIP) telephone sets use the data network, they can be programmed to work over the public Internet.
    For employees that are working entirely from home, bringing the telephone home may be a great option (requires a wired network port and power outlet)

  • Visual voice mail
    The MiCollab portal allows users to retrieve messages from a web browser. You can also set availability schedules and access the Rider phone directory.

  • Optional (at cost) Desktop, Web based or mobile softphone
    Softphones allow you to answer and make calls from your on-campus extension using your desktop or mobile phone.
    This feature has a cost associated with it and will require budget approvals.


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