Cutover Day: What to expect

The Office of Information Technologies, along with our partners Windstream and Mitel, have spent the last year planning the deployment of our new cloud-based telephone system that will go live on Friday, December 18th 2020.

This planning process over this time has involved data collection through report analysis, user interviews and physical site surveys. Over the past several months, technicians and engineers have been building the new system and installing physical equipment on both campuses. Recently, staff have begun the placement of over 1,000 telephones, while testing, training and documenting the new system.

On December 18th, we will begin the process of porting (transferring) over 4,000 telephone numbers from the old system to the new one.

At approximately 9:00 a.m. the porting process will begin. We anticipate it will take as long as 12 hours for the process to complete.

As numbers move to the new system, the new Mitel telephones will begin to work and will receive inbound phone calls. While this is taking place, OIT staff will also be performing work to relocate cables that are required for the 150+ analog telephone devices that do not use Voice over IP ( fax machines, elevators, emergency phones etc) as well as workstation telephones that we were unable to deploy prior to the new system coming online. ( i.e: phones that were moved from, or are in service on the Westminster campus).


During and after the cutover, tests will be conducted to make sure inbound/outbound calls are working, as well as all menus and emergency systems.
Staff will be coordinating with Public Safety and the Lawrence and Princeton Township Police Departments to place 911 calls from all 59 buildings on the two campuses to verify E-911 service is sending proper building locations.

Note that classroom telephones will NOT be activated on December 18th. OIT staff will be visiting classrooms to install new telephones after the new year.

Once the new system has been completely deployed and stabilized, staff will also begin returning to offices to retrieve the old telephones. This will also most likely take place after the new year.

All employees are encouraged to set up their new voicemail boxes and general/department boxes prior to December 18th

Sometime on the 18th, the telephone number for retrieving voice mail messages will revert over to the new system as well. In order to both set up your new mail box, and to retrieve messages from the old system after cutover, we have set up two temporary numbers for your use.

Voicemail Access Numbers

Date Old (Nortel) Voice Mail New (Mitel) Voice Mail
Before 12/18/2020 (609) 219-4000 (609)718-0130
After 12/18/2020 (609) 219-2222 (609) 219-4000

There will be problems!

Due to the size and scope of this transition, it would be unrealistic to expect that problems will not occur. Our teams will be thoroughly testing all components of the phone system, and will likely spend several days addressing situations where devices fail, locations have been misidentified or configured incorrectly, or people have moved since the final plan was submitted and the new system was built. If you encounter a problem after December 18th, we ask that you submit a Help Desk ticket. We will monitoring the Help Desk at all times and try to respond as fast as possible to resolve issues.



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