Migrate a Zoom Cloud Recording to Kaltura in Canvas (Faculty and Canvas Users)


Zoom Cloud Recordings can be migrated to Kaltura in Canvas.  If you do not use Canvas, please see this article explaining how to migrate your Zoom recordings using the Zoom web interface and MediaSpace.

Important Points

  • Beginning on February 1, 2021, all newly created Zoom Cloud Recordings will automatically be copied to the meeting host's "My Media" area of Kaltura.
  • Any recordings made prior February 1, 2021 should be copied to Kaltura using the following process if you wish to keep them for long-term storage or distribution.
  • Beginning on March 1, 2021, Zoom Cloud Recordings be given a 6 month expiration date, and will be deleted from the Zoom Cloud after this time frame.

Accessing Zoom Cloud Recordings in Canvas

1) Open Zoom from within Canvas, and navigate the to the Cloud Recordings tab.

2) Choose your meeting recording.

3) Download the video recording

Upload the recording to Kaltura

1) Navigate to "My Media", and choose "Add New"

2) Select "Media Upload"

3) Upload the video you downloaded from Zoom (the file is most likely located in your Downloads folder) and add relevant information.

4) The Video will now be available in your "My Media"

Adding the Zoom Recording to your Canvas Course

Now that your Zoom recording is in Kaltura, you may add it to your course like you would any other media that you store in Kaltura.

Please see the TLC's video tutorial series for information on using Kaltura content in Canvas.



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