Completing a Project Request




To submit an IT project request, click here. Please use these instructions to complete the IT Project request form.


Once the request form is open, please fill out the required information. Once complete, click on at the top of the page.


On the Left, click on "General" and make sure all fields are filled out correctly. When completed, click on "Mark Complete".


Click on "Files" on the left menu.   


Optional: If you have supporting documents to add, click Files on the left. Add attachments by dragging them to the specified area. Please include a completed security questionnaire, technical specs and a copy of the contract.

If you have no supporting documents, scroll back to top and "Mark Complete".


Optional: If you are aware of any risks on the project, click .     At the top of the page, click "+New".     


Enter a title and choose/add a category. Enter any relevant details. Click "Save" when complete.

When you are done adding risks, click on . Review the information. When you are done, click on "Submit".



Next Steps

Thank you for your submission. IT will review your request and provide feedback soon.





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