Reviewing Student Course Activity as an Instructor


Canvas allows users with the course-level role of "Teacher" (i.e. the course instructor) to review and track student activity.  While we do not recommend using Canvas analytics as a sole basis for calculating participation or regular attendance grades, it can be a useful tool in determining general student engagement as well as helping identify "no show's" in a course.

Summary Course Analytics

To quickly identify overall course activity for both all students and individual students:

  1. Select the People link from the left-hand side navigation menu
  2. The Canvas course roster will load.  Here, you will find a student's Last Activity [A] date & time as well as their Total Activity [B] as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Canvas student roster

Last Activity:

  • Shows the last time a student viewed or accessed a webpage on the course.

Total Activity

  • Allows you to see how much time students have interacted within a course. Total activity time is displayed in hours:minutes:seconds.
  • Total Activity records any time spent viewing course content that exceeds two minutes.
  • If the time between a new activity and the last completed activity is under ten minutes, all time between these two events will also be included.
  • Total Activity does not include time spent in "Group" pages
  • Total Activity may not necessarily accurate capture time spent viewing videos within Canvas.  For this information, please see Kaltura analytics.
  • To view specific page views for a student, view the student's Course Access Report.

Course Access Reports

Instructors can also view the course access report for an individual user in their course.  To review a student's access report:

  1. Select the People link from the left-hand side navigation menu
  2. Locate the student you wish to review the Course Access report
  3. Click on the three dots next to their name and select User Details as shown in the screenshot below.
    User Details screenshot
  4. Select the Access Report link (Note: Your screen may look similar to one of the two screens displayed in the below screenshot)
    Choose the Access Report link

For a detailed explanation of what information the access report will provide, including screenshots, please review the Canvas Instructor guide.

Limited Student Activity

Utilizing Canvas data can provide an additional tool for faculty members when reporting "No-Show's" or "Stop Attends."  A possible indicator that a student has either never attended, or has stopped attending a course may be observed if there is limited student activity captured within Canvas. 

For example, by reviewing the screenshot below, it can be observed Student #1 and Student #2 have limited or missing data for Last Activity [A] and Total Activity [B]:

Screenshot of two students with limited Canvas activity

Instructors can further evaluate a student's course participation within Canvas by reviewing their Course Access Report as discussed above.





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