Mitigating and Reporting Zoom Abuse

Mitigating and Reporting Abuse of Zoom

Should an intruder or unwanted guest join your Zoom meeting, there are steps you can take to allow your meeting or class to continue and to report the incident to the Zoom Trust and Safety Team and Rider’s Office of Information Technologies.

Stopping the Incident during the Meeting

  1. In the Security tab, select "Suspend Participant Activities", which will do the following
  • Lock the meeting, enable the waiting room, and hide participant profile pictures

  • Disable Screen Sharing, Chat, Annotations

  • Mute participants audio and video

Important: Take note of the Intruder’s name as displayed in the Participants panel, even if it is a fake name.


Report the user to Zoom and remove them from the meeting

This report is automatically sent to the Zoom Trust and Safety team to evaluate any misuse of the platform and block a user if necessary. 

  1. As the meeting host, click Security.

  2. Click Report.

  3. Select the name of the participant you would like to report.

  4. Check the reason for reporting this participant.

  5. (Optional) Enter any comments to provide more information.

  6. (Optional) Click upload file to add screenshots or photos showing the problem.

  7. (Optional) Check Include desktop screenshot to include a current screenshot of your desktop.

  8. Click Send.

Continuing your meeting

Once the unwanted participant has been reported and removed, you may allow your participants to screen share, chat, and unmute themselves by going into the security tab and reversing the settings that were changed.  Keep the waiting room enabled.

Report the incident to Rider OIT

Following the meeting with the Zoom intruder, it is vital to report the incident to the Office of Information Technologies in order to conduct an internal investigation.

  • Please email the OIT Helpdesk (  If the incident takes place during a class, please cc: your academic dean. Please include:        

    • Name of meeting

    • Meeting ID number

    • Date and Time of the meeting and when the abuser joined

    • Please try to include the name (fake or not) of the abuser(s)

    • Brief description of the incident

    • Whether or not a recording was made or screen captures were taken

    • Whether or not you were able to report the user using the “Report” function in Zoom  

  • OIT/Rider University will:        

    • Contact you to follow up on any reported incident

    • Pursue identification of abusers            

      • Zoom use is not totally anonymous and misuse is tracked

    • Coordinate with Rider Public Safety, local law enforcement, and through the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center

    • Pursue sanctions against anyone implicated in maliciously sharing meeting/classroom passcodes with external entities or participating in abuse

Repeated instances of Zoom Abuse

If a meeting is targeted multiple times, OIT may recommend that you delete your Zoom meeting and create another one.  Recurring Meetings and Personal Meeting Rooms without security features like passcodes and waiting rooms are most susceptible to instances of abuse, since the ID number does not change.


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