OIT Project Scorecard

scorecard is a type of report that measures and compares a project's performance against specified projections and goals. It assists in the evaluation of a project. Scorecards consist of identifying and measuring a project’s key performance indicators (KPI’s). 

Here is a sample of OIT scorecard criteria:

  1. Is this a mandatory project for compliance or a required upgrade?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  2. Will implementation of this project create a security risk for the university?
    1. High Risk
    2. Low Risk
    3. No Risk
  3. Is there a cost to implement?
    1. There is a cost(s) and no budget
    2. There is a cost(s) but will be funded by requestor
    3. There are no costs associated with this implementation
  4. How aligned is this project to the University’s Strategic Initiative?
    1. Not aligned to University’s Strategic Initiative
    2. Somewhat aligned to the University’s Strategic Initiative
    3. Fully aligned to the University’s Strategic Initiative
  5. Do we currently have the resources (time, skill set) to implement this project?    
    1. We do not have the time or the skill set
    2. We have either time OR skill set, but not both
    3. We have both the time and the skill set
  6. Who will benefit from this project implementation?
    1. One specific department will benefit
    2. One specific college will benefit
    3. The university as a whole will benefit



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