EasyPrint – Student Printing Service

EasyPrint is Rider University's print management solution that allows students to print to locations on the Lawrenceville campus while connected to the Rider University network. Students can reduce paper waste with EasyPrint by viewing and releasing select print jobs. Unwanted print jobs can be manually deleted or will be automatically deleted after 4 hours, helping reduce negative impact to the environment. The "One Queue" feature eliminates the need to select a specific printer location. Your print job is available at every print location on both campuses.

Documents can be sent to a printer in the following ways:

After your job has been uploaded, you can go to any EasyPrint location, swipe your ID card and select the job to print.

NOTE: EasyPrint requires authentication by swiping your Bronc ID at the print stations.

EasyPrint Locations


Need additional information or assistance?

Create a ticket here for assistance with a specific printer.

Create a ticket here for assistance with EasyPrint Services.

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