EasyPrint locations

Please note: This list will be updated as additional printers are added.

Academic Locations

Bart Luedeke Center Lab - Room 126

Bart Luedeke Center - Commuter Lounge

Bierenbaum Fisher Hall - 1st and 3rd floors

Daly’s Dining Hall

Daly's Classroom Area

Fine Arts - 1st and 3rd floors

Lynch Adler- 1st floor

Moore Library - Talbott Library Circulation Desk (3rd floor)

Moore Library Lab without Walls

Science - 1st floor

Student Recreation Center

Sweigart - 1st floorPrinter

Weekend Availability 

Bart Luedeke Center     8am - 11pm

Moore Library     Sunday 1pm-8pm

SRC  8am - 5pm

Daly's  9-10:30am, 11am-3:30pm, 4-8:30pm




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