Video Assignment Submissions in Canvas Using Kaltura


This article goes over how to submit video files for assignments in Canvas using the Rich Content Editor. Videos can be submitted from your My Media page or from existing files on your computer, laptop, etc. These are the steps covered in this article:

  1. Choosing the submission type
  2. Using the Embed Kaltura Media tool
  3. Selecting media
  4. Previewing media before submission
  5. Submitting media

Step 1: Setting Submission Type

Navigate to the Assignments page and click on the assignment you wish to post a submission in. Make sure the Submission Type is set to Text Entry [1] from the drop down menu.  Then, choose the Start Entry [2] button.

Choose "Text Entry" as the submission type


Step 2: Using the Embed Kaltura Media Tool

Next, in the Rich Content Editor, click the Embed Kaltura Media [3] button.

Click on the Kaltura logo 

If you're using a smaller screen, the Kaltura button might not be in the toolbar. If that is the case, click on the 3-dots icon  [A] where the Kaltura icon [B] should appear as shown in the screenshot below:

If the Kaltura icon does not appear, choose the three dots and then the Kaltura icon will appear

In the event the Kaltura icon still does not appear, select the Plug Icon  [C] an​​​​​d then choose Embed Kaltura Media [D] from the drop down menu as demonstrated below:

If the Kaltura icon does not appear, choose the Plug icon and then select "Embed Kaltura Media"


Step 3: Selecting Media

The Embed Kaltura Media pop-up box should now appear.  If you have previously uploaded content to your My Media in Canvas, you will see those assets appear here; where you could choose to submit that previous file.  If you are uploading a new file, choose the Add New button [4].

Choose the "Add New" button to upload new media to Kaltura


Then, choose Media Upload [5] from the drop-down menu.

Choose media upload


A new window will open giving you the option to locate a file. Click Choose a file to upload [6] and navigate to where your file is saved on your computer. 

Click on 'Choose a file to upload"


Once you select a file, the window will change to allow you to edit the details of the file. You can change the Video Name, add a Description, or enter Tags. You can always go back and edit these details later, too. When the video details are entered, click the Save and Embed [7] button.

Click on 'Save and Embed'


After you clickSave and Embed [7], you will be prompted to confirm that you wish to submit the media as an assignment. Select Yes, please [8] to confirm your choice.  Note: once you submit the media as assignment, you will not be able to make changes to the media file.  

Click on "yes, please" to confirm your submission


Step 4: Previewing Media Before Submission

After you save the media file, the window will disappear and the media will begin processing. Media processing can take a few minutes or more depending on the length of the video.  Please note, you do not have to wait for the media to finish processing before continuing. Once you are satisfied that you uploaded the correct media and are ready to submit, click Save [9].

Click on the "Save" button once your media is uploaded


Step 5: Submit Media

Finally, when you are ready to submit the assignment after it has been saved, click the red Submit [10] button. If the media is still being processed, a preview of the video may take a few minutes to show up. 

Finally, choose the red "Submit" button to submit your audio/video assignment


Additional Considerations

Please note the following when submitting a multimedia (audio, video, or both) in Canvas:

  • Your personal Canvas file storage is limited; but your Kaltura My Media storage is unlimited.  Always use Kaltura when possible
  • If your instructor has not turned on Text Entry as a Submission Type, contact your instructor and refer them to this article.
  • Once your submit your media entry, you will no longer be able to edit that file.  While you may still see a copy of the file in your My Media, a duplicate copy was created for your Canvas submission that you no longer have access to.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the help desk at

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