Downloading and Installing Kaltura Capture


This article goes over how to download and install Kaltura Capture for Mac devices. These are the steps covered in this video. Please note, the process for Windows devices may be slightly different but will be more straightforward. 

  1. Downloading Kaltura Capture from Canvas
  2. Enabling Permissions
  3. Launching the Kaltura Capture Application

Step 1: Downloading Kaltura Capture from Canvas

Navigate to your My Media page and click on the Add New button. From the drop down menu, select Kaltura Capture [1].

A new window will open and you will see two options: download Kaltura Capture for Windows or Mac. For this demonstration we are using a Mac device, so click the Download for Mac [2] button. 

In the Downloads panel at the bottom of the screen, click on the Kaltura Capture file [3].

At this point you can navigate to your home screen and choose where you want the Kaltura Capture application to go. Click and drag the Kaltura Capture icon [4] into the Applications folder [5]

You will then be able to navigate to your Applications [6] tab in your Finder and see Kaltura Capture [7].

Next, double click on Kaltura Capture and a notification will appear telling you this is an app downloaded from the Internet. It will ask if you still want to open the application. Select the Open button [8].

Another notification will appear telling you to re-launch Kaltura Capture. Click OK [9].


Step 2: Enabling Permissions

Go back to your My Media page in Canvas and select Kaltura Capture from the Add New drop down menu (same as Step 1). When the new window opens, choose Open Kaltura Capture [10].

Navigate back to your home screen and you will see two notifications saying Kaltura Capture would like to access your microphone and camera. Select OK [11][12] for both of those.


Next, you will see a notification asking if Kaltura Capture can record your screen. We want to enable that setting, so click Open System Preferences [13].

First, click on the Lock icon [14] in the bottom left corner. You will be prompted to enter your password, and then you can make changes to Kaltura Capture. 

Check the box to the left of Kaltura Capture [15].

Once this box is selected, the screen recording feature of Kaltura Capture will be available. Another notification will pop up saying you need to re-launch Kaltura Capture again in order to use this feature. Select Quit Now [16] and click the Lock icon in the bottom left corner again to prevent any more changes to your settings. 

Step 3: Launching the Kaltura Capture Application

Lastly, re-launch Kaltura Capture by going back into your My Media page and selecting Kaltura Capture from the Add New drop down menu (same as Step 1). When the new window opens, select Open Kaltura Capture (same as Step 10). The Kaltura Capture app should open in the center of your home screen. Please note, if the app does not appear here, you will need to click the Kaltura Capture icon [17] from the Applications Panel at the bottom of the screen. 

This is what the Kaltura Capture Application will look like when it is downloaded, installed, and has the necessary permissions enabled. 

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