Creating an Ad-Hoc Student Progress Report


In addition to providing a Student Progress Report during a "requested campaign," Instructors can also submit an ad-hoc Progress Report at any point throughout the semester.  Once you open Navigate (from the Faculty tab in myRider), follow the steps outlined below.

Getting Started

To access Navigate, login to myRider and select the Faculty tab on the left-hand side navigation pane.  Under the middle section titled Faculty Services, select the link labeled Student Navigate.

myRider Faculty Services section


Step 1: Switch to the Professor Home page

Usually by default, Navigate will default to the Staff Home page which shows your assigned student(s) for the term (i.e. your advisees).  To submit an ad-hoc progress report concerning a student you teach, we first need to switch to the Professor Home page. 

To do this, select the icon next to the Staff Home title text [A].  From the dropdown, select Professor Home [B].

Select the Staff Home button and then choose Professor Home from the dropdown


Step 2: Open the Progress Reports Tool

Ensure that To begin, click on the Progress Reports [1] button under the Class Listing section of your Navigate home page.

Select progress report button on homepage


Step 3: Choose the Student(s)

  • On the next screen, scroll down to the second grouping of students. 
  • Here, you can then choose the student(s) you wish to submit an ad-hoc report on by selecting the check box next to their name [2]
  • Then, click on the Actions button [3]
  • Select Create a New Progress Report [4]

Check off the students name, select "Actions", and then choose "Create a new Progress Report"


Step 4: Submit Progress Report

On the pop-up dialog box, you will then be able to write your progress report as shown below:

Progress report details screen

Field Explanations:

  1. Indicate if you are concerned about a student and feel they are At Risk
  2. If you indicate a concern, choose an Alert Reason from the drop-down menu.  Note: specific alert reasons might trigger an email to that support office.  For example, if you indicate the student could benefit from Academic Support Center resources, that office will be notified.
  3. If applicable, enter the student's current grade in the course
  4. Progress report comments

Once satisfied with the report, click on Submit Report [5] to save and close.


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