Classroom Laptop Connector and Adapter Information

All Rider University classrooms have the capability of displaying a laptop signal. However, you may need to connect to the projection system. The following is a guide for selecting the appropriate connector for the classroom system. Since Laptops differ in design, there are various connector types used to send their image to the projector display



             HDMI                              VGA

All Macbooks will require a display adapter that provides an output to either a HDMI or VGA connector.  HDMI connectors will also provide audio from the computer to the sound system. To learn more about connections for a Macbook, click here.




The VGA connection is typically found on older windows laptops while the newer ones may also require an adapter. More information on display adapters can be found here.



Selecting the appropriate connector for the classroom system

Bierenbaum Fisher Hall Classrooms

Laptop connections in BFH classrooms are made through the provided VGA cable, audio and network cables.


Lynch Adler, Sweigart and Science Classrooms

Laptop connections in these rooms are made with the provided HDMI cable.


Fine Arts Classrooms

These classrooms have a combination of VGA and HDMI Rooms. Information on the connection type for each room is available in 25Live.


Yvonne and BLC

Theaters have HDMI connections for laptops. Note that in these rooms, you must also connect the audio connector and select “Headphone” in “Preferences” on a mac and “Speakers/Headphones” on a Windows PC.



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