Single Sign On with Microsoft Azure

Rider is moving toward Single Sign-On for logging into several web-based applications.

Individual applications will be brought into Single Sign On gradually over the next several months.

When attempting to login, you will see the Microsoft login prompt, which will look like one of the screenshots below.

Enter your Rider Key username followed by
At the password prompt, enter your Rider Key password.

Do not click anything on the sign-in pages other than Next and Sign in.


                                                  Having Problems?

  • Did you enter your username with the domain name?  Example: your
  • Did you claim your Rider Key account? If you set up the secret questions and password for your Rider Key password then you claimed your account.  If not, go here: Claim your Rider Key
  • Did you forget your Rider Key password? If so, reset it by going here:  Reset your Rider Key Password
  • Are you using your Rider Key password?  If you have a Rider email account, that password is different from your Rider Key password.




Need additional information or assistance? Create a ticket here.

Rider University OIT Help Desk                

(609) 219-3000   |   |






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