Accessing Different Canvas Instances


Rider University has three different instances of Canvas:

Instance Access URL Description
Production (PROD) The "normal" instance of Canvas faculty, staff, and students utilize
Testing (TEST) Used for testing new integrations thoroughly before installation into our production environment.
Beta Used for testing upcoming feature releases of Canvas from Instructure before they are deployed to our production environment.

Please note, the Test and Beta instance of Canvas are usually only accessible by users with at least one "Teacher" role within Canvas.  If a student requires access to the Test or Beta instance, please contact the Helpdesk.

For more information on the Canvas Testing and Beta environments, please visit Instructure's website.

Administrator Login

With the implementation of SAML, Canvas administrators are now required to access each Canvas instance using an adjusted URL (if logging in to the admin panel).

Instance Administrator Login URL
Production (PROD)
Testing (TEST)

Administrators should be presented with a login screen similar to the one shown below:

Canvas LDAP Login Screen


Test Credentials for Non-Admin Accounts

If a user wishes to login to the Canvas TEST instance, and that instance is configured to point to the TEST instance of Active Directory, please be sure to use the domain.



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