Setting Preferred First Name on Rider Systems


Rider University recognizes that members of the university community may not use the name that they were assigned at birth, as it does not reflect their identity. The university seeks to promote the comfort and safety of students, staff, and faculty who wish to be identified by a name other than their legal name by displaying a preferred first name in documents and in university systems where the legal name is not required by law.

Typical Uses of Preferred Name

  • An abbreviated or Nickname (Nora instead of Eleanor)
  • A middle name instead of first name
  • A chosen name that better represents your gender identity
  • A chosen American name (Jamie instead of Jiachen)
  • A name to which you are in the process of legally changing

Setting Your Preferred Name

To submit a preferred name, log into myRider and navigate to the Personal Information section in your Student tab.   You can then click on the "View/Update Personal Information" link and follow the prompts to update your preferred name.

In the Personal Information screen, you can then click on the Edit button [1] next to Personal Details.

myRider Personal Information Screen


On the pop-up that appears, you will then be able to set a new Preferred First Name [2].  To save your changes, click on Update [3].  You may click on the photos below to view them enlarged.

Set your preferred name and choose save


Where will preferred name appear?

  • Canvas
  • Class List & Course Roster
  • Student Advising Profile
  • Degreeworks
  • Faculty Grading System

Your preferred name can also appear on your Bronc ID card, your University email account display name, and your diploma.  Please contact your Program Director, Academic Coordinator, or Success Coach for more information.




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