Publishing Zoom Cloud Recordings in Canvas


Beginning in Summer 2021, Cloud Recordings for Zoom meetings scheduled through the Canvas LTI provide the ability for instructors to choose whether or not to make the recording accessible to students.  Previously, Cloud Recordings for meetings scheduled through the Canvas LTI were automatically made accessible to students in the course.  This enhancement provides instructors with more granular control to decide if they wish to publish their recordings.

How to Publish a Cloud Recording

Once a Cloud Recording video finishes processing, it will be made available for publishing.  By default, videos will no longer be automatically accessible to students.  Instead, Instructors can choose whether ot not to publish the video.

Enter the Zoom LTI by clicking on the Zoom button within your Canvas course [1].  Then, select the Cloud Recordings tab [2].

Select the Cloud Recordings tab within the Zoom LTI in your Canvas course


The list of available Cloud Recordings will now be visible.  Remember: only Zoom meetings you scheduled within the LTI will be accessible within your specific Canvas section.  Navigate to the recording you wish to publish and find the Publish  toggle switch [3].

Look for the Publish Zoom toggle Button


The toggle should switch to a solid blue color confirming it's published status as shown in the screenshot below [4].

Click on the blue publish button toggle to make recording available to students


Additional Considerations

Please be mindful of the following when working with Zoom Cloud Recordings in Canvas:

  • Zoom Cloud Recordings expire after a set length of time.  Please review the OIT Helpdesk article on Cloud Recordings for more information.
  • All Zoom Cloud Recordings are automatically copied over to Kaltura My Media.
  • It is preferred you share Zoom recordings through Kaltura, rather than the Zoom LTI.  You can learn more by reviewing TLC training material on Mediaspace.


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