Setting Appointment Availability in Navigate


Appointment Availability lets faculty and staff indicate the days, times, locations, and services they offer when they meet with students.

There is significant flexibility when you create availabilities.  Users can choose the length of the availability’s duration, which can range from a specific set of dates to forever. Availability can be set for appointments, drop-in visits, and/or something called appointment campaigns.  Users can also create course-specific availability, such as course-based tutoring.  

When faculty and staff set Appointment Availability in Navigate, students can easily schedule appointments using the Navigate Mobile App and online.

Creating Availabilities for Yourself

To allow students the ability to schedule appointments, faculty and staff must set at least one availability block.  

  1. Login to Navigate and ensure you are on the Staff Home page (rather than the Professor or Student Home).  If necessary, to change to Staff Home select the top header [1]  and choose Staff Home from the drop down [2].

    Login to Navigate and ensure you are on the Staff Home page

  2. Once you are on the Staff Home page, select the My Availability [3] tab at from the top ribbon.
    Click on the My Availability button at the top ribbon
  3. Under the heading of Available Times click on Actions [4] and then select Add Time [5].

  4. The Add Availability dialog box will open.  Here, you can then choose the days [6] & times available [7], and how long you wish the availability to be made available [8] (i.e. end of the semester, specific date, or indefinitely).
    Add availability dialog box
  5. If you want this availability added to your personal availability link, select Add This Availability to Your Personal Availability Link [9]. You can put the personal availability link in an email, text, or even on your Canvas page or syllabus.
  6. Navigate will prompt users What type of availability is this? [10].  It is recommended users choose both Appointments and Drop-ins to maximize visibility to students for when you area available.  If you do not wish to accept drop-in's (and prefer students only schedule appointments with you during this block), select Appointments only.
  7. Users must select a Care Unit [11] associated with their appointment block.  Faculty should choose Faculty Advising as their care unit.  Users should also select their physical location [12] from the drop down list.  For example, Sweigart Hall.
  8. Populate the additional fields as required.  Once completed, click Save [16].

Repeat this process any time you want to add another availability. You can have as many availabilities as you want.  For example, if you have different times available on Tuesdays & Thursdays vs. Mondays & Wednesdays, create two different appointment blocks.

Managing Existing Availabilities

When you create availabilities, you can usually edit, copy, or delete availabilities.

To edit an existing availability, click the Edit link next to the entry you want to change. Editing an availability is very similar to adding an availability, so refer to the instructions above for information. Please note: editing an existing availability DOES NOT edit or change already scheduled appointments.

To copy an existing availability, select the time you would like to copy, open the Actions menu and click Copy Time. The availabilities are copied and a Modify Availability dialog opens, allowing you to make edits or to save your newly created availability.

To delete an availability, simply select the time, open the Actions menu and click Delete Time.


Using Personal Availability Links (PAL)

Personal Availability Links (PAL) are a useful tool for scheduling. Each PAL is unique to a staff member in Navigate. The link does not change over time. 

Personal Availability Link

When you include a PAL in a URL field, website, email, or SMS and students click the link, they are taken to the New Appointment page in student scheduling. If your institution uses Navigate Student, the link redirects to the scheduling page in the student’s browser and asks if they want to continue in the browser or open Navigate Student app.


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