Issuing an Alert / Referral in Navigate


Alerts (sometimes known as "referrals") are a way to draw attention to a student who might be at risk for a variety of reasons, such as losing financial aid, undergoing difficult personal scenarios that require assistance, or intending to withdraw from the institution. 

Navigate allows faculty and staff to issue an Alert regarding a student, which then gets automatically routed to the appropriate individuals within an office.  Rider University staff members will then complete the appropriate follow up and outreach to the student regarding their situation.

Available Alerts / Office Referrals

Currently, Navigate supports referrals to the following offices:

  • Dean of Student's Office
  • OneStop / Financial Services
  • Academic Success Center (Tutoring)
  • Veteran & Military Connected Affairs Office (coming soon)

Issuing an Alert Video Tutorial

The video below outlines the basic steps in how to issue an alert within Navigate:


Issuing an Alert Step-by-Step

  1. Login to Navigate and use the Quick-Search [1] for the student for which you wish to issue an alert.  Select their name from the drop down list [2]Note: users can search on a student's name, email address, or Bronc ID.
    Navigate Quick Search bar
  2. From the student's profile page, select Issue an Alert [3] under the right-hand side navigation pane.
    Student Profile in Navigate- choose Issue an Alert link

  3. Select the office you wish to refer the student to [4].  If the alert is specific to a course (i.e. poor performance in a class), you may select the class [5].  You can then add additional details in the free-form text box [6].  Then, choose Submit [7].
    Navigate Issue an Alert Screen


Navigate will automatically route your referral to the appropriate office; who will then follow up with the student.

Example Referral Reasons

Financial Services / One Stop Alerts

  • Student is unsure of Financial Aid Process
  • Student has concerns continuing enrollment due to financial reasons

Dean of Student's Office




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