VPN and Rider University

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What is VPN

Rider University uses VPN to allow access to Rider Network resources from home. Virtual Private Networking is a tool through which businesses and organizations can securely connect to remote offices and access data using a cost-effective, third-party Internet access rather than expensive dedicated WAN links or long-distance remote dial links. At Rider University, VPN is web-based access to files (Novell) and services (Banner, Google Suite for Education, 25Live, Luminis/myRider, StarRez). Staff or faculty can login with RIDER KEY credentials to VPN.

Initial Install

If you never have used Rider VPN services before you will first need to install the necessary software on your home computer, or laptop.

1. Start by going to https://vpn.rider.edu and enter your RIDER KEY credentials to log into the system.

2. Select the Download for Windows button

3. Continue the install posses by selecting next 

4. Accept the terms and select next

5. After the install completes select Finish


Connecting to Rider using the VPN Client

1. Open the start menu on your computer, select All programs, select the Cisco folder, select Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client Folder, and click on Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client. 

2. The VPN Client application will open fill in the server name: vpn.rider.edu and select connect 

3. Enter your RIDER KEY credentials into application login boxes, and then click Connect.

4. You are now connected to the Rider VPN network. The VPN client status icon will show in your system tray near the clock. 


Note: You will not be able to use your home Internet while you are utilizing VPN.

5. To log off VPN, hover your mouse over the VPN system tray icon and right-click. Select Disconnect to log off.


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