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Instructors are required to submit "No-Show" reports for each course section at the beginning of every semester.  This includes all traditional courses (regardless of modality, such as online and hybrid), independent studies, supervised students, and any other count-to-9 courses you are teaching.  No-Show reporting can be submitted via the Faculty Grade Entry section of myRider as outlined below.

Assigning No-Show Grade/Code

To get started, navigate to myRider and login using your Rider Key credentials.  Select the Faculty tab [1] from the left-hand side navigation pane.  Within the Faculty tab, select the Faculty Grade Entry [2] link within the Faculty Services section of the page.

Choose Faculty tab and then select Faculty Grade Entry page


Select the Midterm Grades tab [3] within the Faculty Grade Entry screen.  You will not be able to enter No-Show attendance reports from the Final Grades tab.

Select Midterm Grades tab


The list of courses both currently, and previously assigned will be displayed; sorted with the most recent term at the top of the page.  Click on the course for which you wish to enter the “No Show” attendance report [4].  Each row corresponds to the specific course and section listed, and you can click anywhere on the row.  Be mindful to choose the course for the current term.

Select the row that corresponds to your course section you wish to report


The list of students will appear on the bottom of the screen.  Please be mindful that only 25 students will display per page.  Instructors can choose to either advance to the next page of results, or change the quantity of students that are displayed on the page by adjusting the settings at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Identify / Find the student you wish to report.  Under the Midterm Grade drop-down box, select the grade, or code, of N which corresponds to a “No Show” [5] next to each student's name you need to identify.

Select the grade of N for No-Shows


After assigning the Midterm grade of N for any no-shows, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the blue Save button [6].  Please note, you do not need to give a grade or code for students that have attended only no shows.

Select the Save button when completed


Marking All Students as Attending

If all students are actively attending class at the beginning of the semester, instructors can easily mark all as attended.  Here, we can use the special code of “Q” as the Mid Term grade, in the first student’s name on your roster.  This will automatically mark all students as attended.

Assign the grade of Q if all students have attended.


After assigning the Midterm grade of Q for the first student in your roster, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the blue Save button [6].

Select the Save button when completed


If you encounter any difficulties while completing your No-Show report, please contact the Registrar’s Office by emailing, or by calling (609)-896-5066.


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