VHS Player Support

Unfortunately VHS playback devices have not been manufactured since 2016 and are no longer available to purchase.  For this reason, OIT-Media can no longer support the use of VHS players at the university.  As they break, they are removed and not replaced.  The alternative requires that faculty take advantage of using our Kaltura video asset repository service, in conjunction with University Libraries, which can be accessed via your course in our Canvas LMS.   

To support faculty who use VHS tapes, we ask that you go to the Libraries Streaming Media Request form, fill in the required information for your class, noting that you have it in the VHS format, and submit.  The library will try to find a legal DVD of the title, and if successful, will purchase the media and will request Media Services to add a streaming version to Kaltura that you can access through your course.  If the title is not available, the library may ask to borrow your legal VHS version and will send it to Media Services for conversion to a streaming format which would be available in Kaltura.  Using Kaltura offers faculty the opportunity to ask their students to watch assignments on their time leaving more instruction time during class.  If you want to show the video during your class period, you can open Kaltura on the classroom computer and show it to your class.


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Tue 9/14/21 2:48 PM