Syncing EAB Navigate with Google Calendar


EAB Navigate allows for the syncing of your Rider Google Calendar with appointments created within Navigate.  It's strongly recommend syncing your Rider Google Calendar to the Navigate platform so that appointments can flow between your Navigate calendar and professional calendar, blocking off that time and preventing double booking.  Connecting your Google Calendar with Navigate does not allow students to see your calendar appointments; rather, it allows faculty and staff to ensure any student appointments made within Navigate properly display on your Google calendar.

Connecting Your Google Calendar

To set up Calendar Sync, open My Calendar [1] and select the Settings and Sync [2] button.

Select the calendar icon, followed by the "Settings and Sync" button


The Calendar Settings page opens.  Click Setup Sync [3]

Click on the "Setup Sync" button


Then, choose Google Calendar [4].

Choose "Google Calendar" from the list of calendar applications


On the following screen, you will be prompted to login with your Google credentials.  Be mindful to select your Rider account, and not a personal Google account.  

After entering your credentials, you are redirected back to the Navigate Calendar page, and prompted to finish setting up your calendar.  Choose one of the following options:

  • Select Calendar for Two-Way Sync [5] (Recommended Option): All calendar items sync back and forth between your Navigate calendar and your Google Calendar (i.e., Navigate calendar ↔ Google calendar).  Events from your Google calendar will display as Busy in your Navigate calendar. Limited details from Navigate will display in your professional calendar (such as the student's name, Bronc ID, etc.)
  • Select Calendar for Free/Busy Sync: Choose this option if you only want events from your professional calendar to display as Busy on your Navigate calendar (i.e., professional calendar ↔ Navigate calendar). Not recommended option.

Choose your calendar for two way sync


Additional Considerations

  • Do not block your Google Calendar for advising sessions / office hours if you wish to allow students to schedule appointments during that time.  Doing so will signal you are busy to Navigate thus blocking students from meeting with you.



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