Marking a Student Appointment as "No-Show"


Faculty and staff have the ability to mark a student as a No-Show in the event they did not provide advanced notice of missing an appointment.  By indicating the student as a No-Show, a indication will show in their profile for other staff users to see.  This can be helpful in identifying trends and patterns in a student's activities that could indicate they are potentially at-risk where additional follow-up would be needed.

Marking a "No-Show"

From the Staff Home page, select the Appointments tab at the top ribbon [1].

Choose the Appointments Tab from the Staff Home page


Scroll down to the Reporting section of the page [2].  Under the Recent Appointments tab [3], you will see your past appointments as an organizer. 

Click on the Recent Appointments tab


Select the student's name you wish to mark as a No-Show [4].  Then, click on the Actions button [5] and select Add Appointment Summary [6]

Select the student name, click on Actions, and then choose Add Appointment Summary


On the Appointment Report page, scroll towards the bottom left-hand corner of the page to view the Attendees section [7].  Under the student's name, uncheck the box for Attended [8].  Then, choose the blue Save this Report button [9].

Uncheck the Attended box for the student who did not attend.


Your Recent Appointments widget will update and now indicate the student was a No-Show for their appointment [10].

A green NO SHOW tag will appear for students who did not attend their appointment without advanced notice.

Additional Considerations

  • If you, or the student, cancels the appointment prior to the meeting occurring, do not use the No-Show workflow.  Instead, use the Navigate calendar to Cancel Your Appointment instead.
  • On a student's Overview page, faculty and staff will be able to see previously missed appointments by the student.  This can be helpful in identifying patterns to discuss with the student


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