User Storage Quota Exceeded Error


If a user (including students) receive an error stating User Storage Quota Exceeded, it is most likely an indicator you have exceeded your Canvas storage allocation quota.  This can happen over time as users send Inbox messages, use the media comments or video (outside of Kaltura), in addition to many other ways. 

Since individual storage quotas cannot be increased per user, the effected users must instead delete old or unused files.  Students are not able to delete previous Assignment submissions; however these files do not count towards a user's quota. 

Error stating user storage quota has been exceeded


Deleting Old & Unwanted Files

To get started, login to Canvas and select the Account [1] button from the right-hand side navigation pane.  Then, click on the Files [2] link.

Select account and then files


Many times, large files have been stored from Canvas Inbox Messages and can be erased.  To do this, select the folder titled conversation attachments [3].  Evaluate any files (especially larger ones) and select the icon (3 dots) [4] followed by Delete [5].  In addition, users should check the folder titled unfiled [6] folder as well.

Select conversation attachments, 3 dots, and then delete for any large files


Additional information (including more screenshots) can be found in the Canvas Student Guide article titled How do I delete a file or folder as a student?



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