Creating a Turnitin Assignment


Rider University has a subscription to a product called Turnitin.  With its integration right into Canvas, Turnitin has the ability to check for plagiarism against text documents submitting into Canvas. To encourage original and authentic written work, any written assignment created in a course may be submitted for review to Turnitin and will become a searchable document with the Turnitin institutional and global database.

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Step 1: Create an Assignment

Instructors should create an Assignment within the course section as they would normally.  For basic instructions on how to create an assignment within Canvas, please visit the Canvas Instructor User Guide.

Step 2: Setting the Submission Type

When creating the Assignment within Canvas, set the Point Value [1] to however many points you wish.  Set the Submission Type to Online [2] and the Online Submission Option to File Upload [3].

Set submission type to online and file upload.


Step 3: Enabling Turnitin

Continuing on within the Canvas Assignment settings, locate the Plagiarism Review section.  From the drop down and select Turnitin [4].  Instructors can utilize the native Canvas functionality to set Due Dates, Availability Dates, and Assign To cohorts.

Select Turnitin from the Plagiarism Review drop down list


Turnitin Setting Recommendations

Turnitin allows for instructors to specify their Comparison and Similarity Report settings right within the native Canvas user interface.  A few items to keep in mind when reviewing these settings:

  • If you wish to allow students to submit multiple drafts of the same assignment, do not store submissions in the Standard paper repository.  Rather, select Do not store the submitted papers.  This will allow duplicate submissions to not be marked as 80%+ similarity scores (as they previous draft would be stored for similarity comparison)
  • Instructors should be mindful of when they wish students to review their own Similarity Report (if at all) [5].  There are numerous options, so please select accordingly.

Select the appropriate Turnitin settings from the options





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