Identity System Functionality for Generic Account Proponents

Rider’s Identity System Functionality for Generic Account Proponents

*The information on this page is meant for the Proponents (owners) of generic accounts.  If you are here to learn how to change the Rider Key password for a generic account but are not listed as the proponent of the account, you will need to reach out to the proponent to have them change the Rider Key password using the functionality demonstrated in the “How To” video at the bottom of this page.  If you don’t know the proponent of the account, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

New functionality has been added to the Rider Key Self Service portal to enable proponents of generic accounts to manage the Rider Key passwords for the non-person accounts they own.  The following FAQs will provide important information about this functionality and the How To video at the bottom of the page demonstrates how to use it. 


Q:  How do I login to the Identity System’s self service portal?

A:  Go to and login with your Rider Key user ID and password (user id only, you don’t need to add the to the end).  

Q:  I see accounts that are related to a specific person in my list of generic accounts.  Can I change the passwords for those “person” accounts?

A:  You should not change the password for any accounts related to a person as that person will have claimed the Rider Key account and is expected to manage their own password.  Only change passwords for “non-person” accounts, i.e. or etc.

Q:  Is the Rider Key password the same as the Rider Gmail password?

A:  No, at this point in time the Rider Key and Gmail passwords are separate.  You will still need to open a help desk ticket if you need to reset your Gmail password.

Q:  Since the Rider Key password and Rider Gmail password are separate, why do I need to maintain the Rider Key password if my department’s generic account is only used for email? 

A:  There will be a time in the near future where the Rider Key password will be used to login to Gmail.

Q:  Is there any way to select all of my non-person accounts so I can set the same Rider Key password for all of them?

A:  No.  Rider’s security policy requires that all Rider Key accounts have unique passwords.

Q:  How often will the Rider Key password need to be changed for the generic accounts?

A:  Rider’s security policy requires that all Rider Key passwords be changed at least once every 365 days.

Q:  Can I see when my generic accounts are going to expire or when I last changed the password?

A:  Yes.  These dates can be viewed on the account profile screen. The Expiration Date is in Section 1 of the profile screen in the End Date field.  The last password change date is in section 3 of the account profile screen under the Last Successful Reset On column.

Q: Will I be notified when the Rider Key password is about to expire?

A:  Yes.  Password expiration email notifications will be sent to the email address of the account 30 days prior to expiration then weekly at 3 weeks and 2 weeks prior then daily during the last week before password expiration.  The expiration notices stop once the email is changed.

Q:  Can I renew my generic accounts through the portal when they are close to expiration?

A:  Not at this point in time.  Continue to respond to the generic account expiration notifications you receive. 

Q:  What if I see accounts in my list that are no longer needed or the proponent needs to be changed?

A;  Please open a help desk ticket requesting that the account be closed or the proponent changed.

Q:  Many of my generic accounts are only used for swipe cards, do I need to maintain a Rider Key password for these accounts?

A:  No.  However, if you see swipe card only accounts in your list and the value in the “Job Title” column is something other than “Swipe Card Access Only”, please open a helpdesk ticket with a list of the accounts that should be “Swipe Card Access Only”.

Q:  Do I still need to set up security questions and answers by claiming my new “non-person” generic Rider Key accounts?

A:  No.  You will set and maintain the Rider Key password for your “non-person” generic accounts using this new functionality.  If the Rider Key account is set up for a person, it will be the responsibility of that person to claim the Rider Key and maintain the password.

Q: What if I already claimed my non-person generic accounts and set up the security questions and answers for them?

A: You no longer need to use the Rider Key password reset Kiosk to change the password.  Instead, use this new functionality to change the Rider Key password.






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