Renewing credentials after resetting your Rider Key

When you change your Rider Key password, please make sure you “Renew your credentials in Cognos”. 


If you do not renew your Cognos credentials your reports will fail – you will get an authentication error message. (see below for an example )

CM-REQ-4159 Content Manager returned an error in the response header. The error "cmAuthenticateFailed CM-CAM-4005 Unable to authenticate. Check your security directory server connection and confirm the credentials entered at login." can be found in the response SOAP header. CAF-WRN-2082 An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator.


Select the person    (see below)


On the drop down select My preferences (see below)


Select the Personal Tab

Select the Renew on the Credentials




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Wed 4/20/22 10:42 AM
Wed 4/20/22 10:42 AM