University announcement groups

Rider University maintains three Google Groups which may be used to relay general campus information to the Rider community. All faculty, staff and students are subscribed to one or more of these lists, as appropriate per your status as employee and/or student, but members may choose to change their membership in these groups (set to digest mode, unsubscribe, etc.)


These groups are StaffAnnouncements-G, FacultyAnnouncements-G and StudentAnnouncements-G.


Note: These groups are replacing the following listservs, which are no longer available:,, and


Group membership is updated daily.


Only approved users can send messages to the announcement groups. Users wishing to post messages to one or more of these groups must have written permission from their Dean or Division Head (via email sent to Student organizations must have approval from the Vice President of Student Affairs.


A Dean or Division Head, at their discretion, may grant permission for individual messages to be posted, or may designate other approved users to post messages on behalf of their organization, department, etc.


Note that users/departments are limited to posting to these groups a maximum of TWO times per month. Abuse of this limit, or other University policies while using this list may result in removal of posting privileges.


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