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Google Groups is a service available to Rider University faculty, staff, and students as part of Google Workspace. Groups make it easy for organizations, such as departments, project teams, and student groups, to collaborate and communicate. Google Groups contains the email addresses of its members and allows users to reach all participants by emailing one address.


Groups records the communications between group members in a discussion archive comparable to the topic-based forums used by many online support services.  Groups also provide users with a list of groups to which they belong and a directory of other groups available to them.


Note: Not all requests for a Group will be honored. OIT may ask for additional information or may recommend other technology that would better serve the purpose of the request. Other considerations that will determine the status of a Group request include the relevance of the Group to the education, research or the administration of the University and the capacity of available resources within OIT, including how the size of the proposed group will affect university electronic mail systems.



Group postings and messages must include footer links that allows members to unsubscribe* 

Users should not be pre-subscribed to a group without their knowledge or permission.

Subscribers who request to be unsubscribed from a group must be removed.

Group membership lists will not be created by OIT from University database systems, and email lists will not be provided by OIT staff to Group owners. The Group owner(s) and/or Group managers are responsible for subscribing or unsubscribing members to the Group.

Group owners are responsible for properly managing their Group. The responsibilities of the Group owner include:


  • Responding to subscribers' requests for removal from the Group
  • Assisting subscribers with subscribing or unsubscribing to the Group
  • Correcting subscriptions that are made incorrectly or in error
  • Configuring or re-configuring their Groups to change Group settings
  • Responding to errors related such as delivery and unsubscribe errors
  • Staying informed about current mail and Group policies
  • Advising members of the Group's purpose and how to unsubscribe


Official University Groups

Rider University maintains three official Groups (RiderAllStaff-G, RiderAllFaculty-G, RiderAllStudents-G) to be used to relay critical information to the Rider community. All faculty, staff, and students must be subscribed to one or more of these lists, as appropriate per your status as employee and/or student. 

These lists will only be used by the
Office of the President and University Marketing and Communications. All other messages sent by users outside of these units to the official Groups will not be approved and/or delivered. 

(*The RiderAllStaff-G, RiderAllFaculty-G, RiderAllStudents-G groups will not have unsubscribe links.)


University announcement groups

Rider University also maintains three unofficial Groups (StaffAnnouncements-G, FacultyAnnouncements-G, StudentAnnouncements-G) which may be used to relay general campus information to the Rider community. All faculty, staff and students are subscribed to one or more of these lists, as appropriate per your status as employee and/or student, but members may choose to change their membership in these groups (set to digest mode, unsubscribe, etc.)

Only approved users can send messages to the announcement groups. More information on use of the announcement lists can be found in the University announcement groups article

Other Information

Request a Google Group by submitting a Help Desk ticket via email ( or calling extension 3000

Learn more about Google Groups



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