How do I claim my RIDER KEY?


Step 1:  Navigate to the following URL   Enter your Bronc ID, Last Name and Date of Birth, and click SUBMIT.  


Note that the date of birth will need to be in the format of MMDDYYYY (no slashes, dashes or spaces).  Leading zeros for month and day will need to be entered.  Example: 04091992.



Step 2: Review and accept the terms of use by clicking the ACCEPT button.


Step 3: Your user ID will be shown.  Be sure to take note of your user ID as it will be needed to log in to Rider’s systems.  Click the NEXT button.


Step 4: Choose 4 secret questions and provide answers. Click the pencil icon next to each question to select a different question. Once you have provided answers to the questions click the SUBMIT button. 


Be sure to take note of your answers as you will be asked to provide them when you want to change your password in the future.  The answers are case sensitive.



Step 5: Create and confirm your new RIDER KEY password keeping in mind the password rules.  Click the RESET PASSWORD button after you have created a password that meets all the rules.  



You will receive a message saying the password has been reset successfully.  Click EXIT.

Congratulations! You have claimed your RIDER KEY and created a new password.

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