What is Xythos X-Drive? How do I get a Xythos X-Drive account?

Xythos is a network tool used by staff and faculty only to store and share documents across the Rider Network (commonly known as Xdrive).

  • Xythos X-Drive requires a RIDER KEY account for authentication.
  • Xythos X-Drive accounts need to be requested by your supervisor. Have your supervisor request an account by either calling the Help Desk or submitting a ticket to the Help Desk listing the folders you need access to on X-Drive.
  • Not all faculty and staff have access to Xythos X-Drive. For those who do have access, they can log into X-Drive via the software-based client installed on their Windows-based computer, or MAC. Clients can also access Xythos X-Drive via the web at xdrive.rider.edu


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