My Students can’t see a Module in Canvas

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Individual items and Modules can be set in either "Published" or "Unpublished" states within Canvas.  A frequent new Canvas-user mistake is publishing only the Individual module items, and forgetting to Publish the entire Module itself.

As demonstrated in the screenshot below, this is an example when the individual module items are Published, but the Module is Unpublished.  We know this by observing the "do not enter" icon at the top of the Module [1].

Unpublished Module


Publishing a Module

To solve this issue, and make the Module accessible to students, Instructors need to click on the icon and change it to a green check mark as shown below:

Published module example


Additional Considerations

  • Remember, no Modules will be accessible to students if you did not yet Publish the Course.
  • You can preview a Student View of your course to confirm your course appears the intended way at any point in time.


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