How do I report a problem with my printer?

In order to troubleshoot, please check the following:

No Power

  • First, verify the wall outlet works by plugging in a known working device such as a cell phone charger.
  • Is the printer power cord plugged in?
  • Is the printer power cord plugged into the back of the printer all the way? If it is not pushed in all the way there will not be a complete circuit for power flow.
  • If the printer power cord has a transformer box, is the LED light lit on the transformer box? If the LED light is off the transformer box may be defective, or the cord from the transformer box to the wall is not plugged in.

No Power (If plugged into a power strip)

  • Is the power strip plugged in?

  • Is the power strip button switched to off?

  • Do other devices plugged into the power strip work? If not replace the power strip, or plug the printer directly into the wall.

Power is On (Jam Error)

  • Verify the paper trays are set for the size of paper you are using.

  • If using card stock, did you set the tray for card stock? Did you set the print job advanced setting to card stock?

  • Remove all the printer trays and look for jammed paper, and remove it.
  • Open the rear door (if applicable) look for jammed paper, and remove it.
  • If no paper is present check the rubber rollers that catch the paper. If the are coated with white lint from the paper clean the roller with a moist wipe.

Power is On (Nothing Happens)

  • Were you able to print to the printer before?

  • Is the printer the same printer that was there before? Maybe a new printer has been installed since you last used it.

  • Is the printer USB/Parallel/Network cable plugged in? If no plug the cable in. If yes unplug the cable, and plug it back in.



Need additional information or assistance?

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Create a ticket here for an office printer.

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