Where can I download the Easyprint software?

You can download the software from the Rider EasyPrint web page. Please make sure you are logged in as an "administrator" on your machine to run the application. If you face problems downloading or installing the software, please visit the Help Desk with your laptop or submit a ticket to the HelpDesk.


  • Bart Luedeke Center 126
  • Gill Chapel
  • Daly’s Dining Hall
  • Daly's Rear Hallway
  • Fine Arts 1st Floor Lobby
  • Fine Arts 3rd Floor Lobby
  • Bierenbaum Fisher Hall 1st Floor Lobby
  • Bierenbaum Fisher Hall 3rd Floor Lobby
  • Lynch Adler Hall 1st Floor Lobby
  • Moore Library Public Area
  • Moore Library 3rd floor
  • Moore Library Lab without walls 
  • Switlik C106
  • Sweigart Hall 1st Floor Lobby
  • Sweigart 110
  • Sweigart 108
  • Science 1st floor 
  • Science 334
  • Science 341
  • Science 109a
  • West Village A & B
  • Poyda Lounge A
  • Omega House
  • University House
  • Lake House 
  • Ridge House 
  • Wright
  • Zeigler/Moore Shared Lobby Upstairs 
  • Hill 
  • Conover
  • Olsen
  • Gee
  • Lincoln
  • Vonna 2


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments and/or suggestions at the Help Desk x3000 or email at helpdesk@rider.edu


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