FAQs and Troubleshooting

What kind of TV do I need?

To use Cable TV service on campus, you will need to have a digital television equipped with “QAM” or “Clear QAM” tuner to receive digital programs. High Definition channels require a TV with QAM and HD Ready capability. Please note that if you have an older digital TV with the QAM tuner, you may find that some channels have sound but no picture. In this case, you can get a ROKU player, load in the StreemeTV app and stream the channels.

What is the channel lineup?

The campus channel lineup can be found here.

Where do I connect?

All residence hall rooms have one cable television outlet which resembles the “antenna or cable” input on the back of your television. Students will need to purchase a 75 ohm coaxial cable to connect a television to the outlet. There are 2 types, "screw-on" and "push-on". Either will work, but "screw-on" is highly recommended for better reception. Cables are available in most stores that carry electronics. A heavier coaxial cable (RG-6) is recommended for better picture quality as well as a length of 15 to 25 feet to reach most areas of rooms. Be careful not to bend the center copper pin on either end of your cable when connecting them. Use of a splitter is discouraged as it could compromise the TV signal and cause reception issues.


Many cable television issues are easily resolved by making a few adjustments to the television set.

  • Check all cable connections, make sure that the center copper wire is not bent.

  • Check the programming settings on your TV. Your TV needs to be set up for viewing "Cable TV" signals and not "On Air" or "Antenna" signals.
  • Find the Auto-Tuning or Channel Programming menu and tune to the new channels. This may take a few minutes, especially with the digital channels.
  • Consult your television's instruction manual if you are not sure how to perform these functions. If you don't have your manual, try downloading one from the manufacturer's website.


Privatel provides a live, 24/7/365 U.S. based service department that is ready to handle student resident TV and streaming issues. To report service-related issues:

Email: service@privatelinc.com

Toll-free telephone: 800-801-3323

Please be sure to provide your full name, phone number, residence hall, room number and the detailed issue you are having when contacting Privatel. 

Once a work order has been created, Privatel technicians will work remotely to assess the issue being reported and rectify the problem. If the issue is determined to be a room specific issue, then Privatel will work with Rider's Residence Life office to determine the best day/time to schedule a visit to the room experiencing the issue. 




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