How do I change my computer password? (Local Login)

Changing your local computer password (Windows)

This process changes your local computer password only and does not change your Novell, or RIDER KEY password.

How to change your password

1. Click on the start menu. Right-click on Computer in the right column. For Windows XP, right-click on My Computer.

Select the second option down, Manage.



2. The computer management console will open. Double click Local Users and Groups.



3. Double click Users in the right column. A list of all the local PC users will appear.

 In this scenario, John Doe wants to change his password.



4. Right-click on your user name in the list, and select Set Password in the drop-down list.



5. This warning box will appear, ignore it and click the Proceed button.

6. Type your new Novell password into the New Password box, and once more into the Confirm Password box.

Click the OK button when you are done.


7. Your password change is complete. Click the OK button to complete the process.


8. If your intent in changing your local PC password was to sync it with Novell, we suggest logging out now and try to log into Novell. 



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