What software is available on Apporto?

Apporto is Rider University's virtual desktop environment.

A virtual desktop is- the technology that enables your computer and applications to follow you around from device to device in a secure and reliable way. This technology allows you to log in to the same environment every time, regardless of the device you are using or your location.

Software available on the Apporto desktop:

Adobe Digital Edition 4.5

Adobe Reader

ArcGIS Pro 2.6.0

ArcMap 10.8.1

Aquipump  5-3

AQTESOLV Demo 4.50

Atlas ti 9

ChemDraw 19.1


Excel QM 5.3


Google Earth Pro

Grapher 18.3.400

IDEA 11.2

Mathematica 12.3

Microsoft Office 2016 (including Access/Visio)

MS Edge

NCH Suite

PH Stat

QM for Windows v5

RapidMiner Studio 9.7

RStudio 1.3.1073

Ri386 3.6.0 

Rx64 3.6.0 

SAP 7.0

SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 

SAS Miner Workstation 15.1

SAS Studio 8.1

SAS Viewer 9.4 

Snipping Tool


SQL 17.9.1

Stata 17

Stella 2.0.3

Surfer 17.1.288

Tableau 2021.2

UIPath Studio

Videopad Video Editor

XL Miner Analysis Tool Pak




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