Why am I only receiving channels 2 through 13?

Many cable television issues are easily resolved by making a few adjustments to the television set.

  • Check all cable connections, make sure that the center copper wire is not bent.

  • Check the programming settings on your TV. Your TV needs to be set up for viewing "Cable TV" signals and not "On Air" or "Antenna" signals.

  • Find the Auto-Tuning or Channel Programming menu and tune to the new channels. This may take a few minutes, especially with the digital channels.

  • Consult your television's instruction manual if you are not sure how to perform these functions. If you don't have your manual, try downloading one from the manufacturer's website.

If the above steps are followed and you still do not have a good picture, call the Help Desk at (609) 219-3000 or Submit a ticket to the Help Desk to schedule an appointment. You will need to provide building access, a contact number for the visiting Technician, and be present in your room for the service appointment.


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