How do I change the (header) fields of my list?

Method A:

1. Use the List Owner's Web Interface. Log in with your email address and personal LISTSERV password.

2. Select the list you wish to edit from the pull-down list and click the Configuration button to directly edit the list header.

Method B:

1. Send an email to with the following command as a single line in the body of the message:

get listname (head nolock)

2. The email header will be mailed to you. Make the desired changes and Forward or mail the header back to

Important: The message you send back (which includes your updated header) should be carefully checked for the following:

  • It does not contain any lines before the PUT line.
  • It does not contain any '>' signs.
  • Your signature file is not attached at the beginning or end.

While you are editing your header:

  • Remove all the lines above the PUT listname LIST PW=XXXXXXXX line.
  • Change the XXXXXXXX in that line to your personal LISTSERV password.
  • Change the desired header fields and send the message.

LISTSERV sends a confirmation message on successful replacement of your list header. See the LISTSERV List Owner Manual Appendix B for more information about header settings.


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